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National Guard troops at the Lincoln Memorial, today.
WWII veteran inspired comic strips - Business Insider
An appropriate historical reaction.

The Lincoln Memorial is not in the slightest fucking danger. What the hell. It is an oasis in a desert of injustice. Old Abe has seen far worse than graffiti. Read the inscriptions on the walls next to him. They’re big. You can’t miss them.

I wonder what those Guard members think they are doing. It isn’t protecting the homeland, that’s for damn sure.

Reports are that the 82nd Airborne is mobilizing outside of DC. Probably choppers for rapid deployment. This is not good. If soldiers actively intercede in a protest, people will die. I really hope the officers in that division understand what an illegal order is. Active duty military should not be anywhere near a political protest.

This is the last chance for conservative Republicans, I think. You had your best chance with impeachment. You choked. Now it’s far worse. You can follow our Fearless Leader into chaos, or step back.

Note before you make your principled decision that there are now at least twenty-five million unemployed Americans available to man these widespread decentralized protests.

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