The stomp continues

Obama wins Virginia and Maryland, and DC should be called for him momentarily. Along with Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, and Maine, he has swept everything since Super Tuesday with ease, winning by 20+ and 30+ point margins.

I don’t think anyone thinks Obama will lose Hawaii on the 19th. Wisconsin is also looking good. The rest of Feb, in other words, is going to be a clean sweep for Obama, with 9 straight wins.

Of the three big states that Clinton has decided to concentrate on March to stem the tide – Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania – her lead continues to drop in each. Under proportional rules, at this point I don’t think she will ever able to regain the pledged delegate lead, which is now Obama’s (he has the lead even with superdelegates now) even if she wins in all three. She would have to win by 30+ points in all of them to have a chance, and I seriously doubt that will happen.

Looks like it’s going to be Obama vs. McCain. I would place a small bet – not a big one – on Edwards endorsing Obama before March 5.

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