That’s the last time I link or read the Times

Newspapers should not endorse candiates. At all. Especially two useless and dangerous politicans such as these. Clinton is good enough to veto Republican nonsense, but little else, and McCain will cheerfully attack Iran, start up the draft, and double the national debt in his first 100 days if he can manage it.

The “incandescent if still undefined senator from Illinois” is about to win South Carolina. Fortunately, the NYT editorial board can’t stop it with its little denials: “By choosing Mrs. Clinton, we are not denying Mr. Obama’s appeal or his gifts.” Well… actualy you are, by buying into her promise of beltway experience.

Paradoxically, every time we’ve elected a president inductively by their apparent experience level, we’ve gotten poor, uninspired leadership. I choose incandescency over definition. I’m voting for the brightest bulb in the room this year, not the one that’s been flickering the longest.

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