Star Wars Email #4-6

From: Luke Skywalker (

To: Aunt Beru (

Date: 3277 LY

Subject: Power Converters

I want to go to Toshi Station and pick up some power converters, but you know how Uncle Owen gets. If we can get a droid that speaks binary tomorrow, he might be in a better mood. Could you talk to him?

From: Aunt Beru (

To: Luke Skywalker (

Date: 3277 LY

+bcc Uncle Owen (

Subject: Moisture Evaporators

If you finish your work early, I’m sure he will let you go.

And make sure one of those droids can speak Bocce. Our team is short a player again. Why we play next next to a Sarlacc, I don’t know.

From: Uncle Owen (

To: Luke Skywalker (

Date: 3277 LY

Subject: Chores

  1. Out in those fields before the two suns are up. Moisture don’t collect itself.
  2. You’re with me when the Jawas come by.
  3. Any droid we buy get washed and tuned up.
  4. Get some rest because tomorrow MOISTURE DON’T COLLECT ITSELF.

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