second chapter progress, no more heroes

It’s been tough going on the second chapter. For one, it’s longer. 24,000 words so far. The analysis is solid, but the lit review has been particularly slow due to a glut of difficult-to-swallow studies on the Baptist. I did find one person that held my position – in 1958 (maybe two, I came up with another name, a German, today). The lack of anyone that agrees with me in the slightest makes my review of the lit more aggressive than I would like; in fact, right now, the draft reads like I decided to give up and just eat the living souls of the previous scholars that have addressed the subject, letting the blood splattered on the walls serve as my argument. I feel like the 2nd draft will require a backup CSI team.

On more cheery topics, I’ve been playing No More Heroes on the Wii. It’s similar to an episode of the A-Team, in that it is so bad, it paradoxically flips over and becomes a special kind of awesome good. Of course, like any lightsaber-inspired game, and the last three Star Wars movies, it fails to understand that devoting 101% percent of its existence to hacking things to pieces is the ideal design. There is way too much time spent NOT cutting things in half. But there is enough. I am content. For now.

Also, somewhere in this month, I found time to continue my game as Brandenburg in EUIII. From 1453 to 1606 I turned a blind eye to France getting larger and larger… now, as an unified German state swollen larger than the Holy Roman Empire, with most of the Americas, the Holy Land, and northern Italy under control and no Reformation in sight, it’s time to head for Paris.

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