Scotland didn’t work out

After discovering that EU3 cripples the technology advancement of the Far East, making it impossible for Japan to compete with Europe even after I conquer half of Asia ‘n the Pacific, I switched to Scotland in 1453.

The Scots didn’t work out that well either but for different reasons. Dislodging the English is impossible and this prevents the Highlanders from ever developing a decent tax base. Conquering Ireland is doable; taking out Brittany is also possible as France kept the Scots as an ace in the hole against England; I also helped the French take out Sweden. But in the end, it was too many little wars for too little territory. My reputation was so bad that Poland, completely landlocked at the time, earnestly declared war on me. I’ll try the Scots again some other time – there has to be a way to take out England.

So I’ve given up on dark horses for now and tried England. Much, much easier. I ended the Hundred Years War ahistorically by grabbing most of Brittany, taking Paris & making France a vassal, overrunning Scotland, and then luring Spain and Aragon into a war so I could seize all of Spain’s colonies in the New World (Spain colonized Manhattan and Delaware first, of all places). I also took all Iroquois lands – all of New England was colonized by 1470. What was left of Scotland and Brittany jumped into the fray, hoping to retake their lands, but I annexed them both and then sued the still formidable Spain and Aragon, who had tried the ol’ Spanish Armada trick and failed miserably, for peace. Unless Germany forms or Austria beats off the Ottomans, I’ll dominate the globe in another hundred years.

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