power of oratory

Obama speaking in New York, from the end of the article:

Nodding in agreement was Weinman’s Republican father, human resources executive Robert Weinman, who said: “I don’t know how anyone hears this man speak and doesn’t vote for him.”

I can’t help thinking that Obama is the “good man” orator that Quintilian harped about, with the moral center informing the language. I’ve also been astounded to see that not a single scandal has stuck to him, even with the Clinton machine at full power. And his ability to impress Republicans that recognize and appreciate Ciceronian rather than Clintonian oratorical skill will be important in the general election.

If there is really any doubt at this point, I’ll be voting for Obama in Tennessee tomorrow, and I encourage everyone in a Super Tuesday state to do so.

BTW, I will happily take a vote for Obama in lieu of future birthday or Xmas gifts.

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