Last wisdom tooth

On Thursday night part of my last wisdom tooth (the remaining upper one – I never had lower ones) cracked. I went to the local dentistry school on Friday to see if they wouldn’t pull the damn thing for cheap. Part of being a graduate student is not having health insurance, so I tend to let these meddlesome medical matters slide for years. But this tooth has always been a problem – it never fully erupted like the one on the right, and it is way, way back in my jaw. It was time for us to part ways.

I was delegated to undergraduates for extraction. Two of them went to work; after about ten minutes, though, they loosened but could not remove it, from lack of leverage or whatnot. Five minutes later, their supervisor, an old veteran, took over, and it felt like he was going to pull my skull out through my mouth and my face was going to be left in the chair like some kind of deflated Halloween mask. But he got it. I think it was mostly perseverance, like how you beat a particularly tough pickle jar.

The pain meds were fun for awhile but I wouldn’t take them again without eating a reasonable meal. By Saturday I was ejecting anything that I ate. H very thoughtfully watched over my dizzy-headed self until I felt human again.

I have read quite a few books but I am behind on summaries again. More to come.

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