I’m extremely disappointed in the state of New Hampshire.

CNN projects Clinton wins NH narrowly. 39 to 37, currently.

The primaries are now guaranteed to drag on and on. If Tennessee has a chance to affect things, I’ll do more than just vote for Obama, but until then, I can only comment.

How can we explain the 10-15 percent change from the many polls yesterday and today and the actual totals? Did the crying incident move thousands of people to Clinton’s side? Did all the people on the fence jump in one direction? Or were all the polls, including Zogby, screwed. In any case, the swing vote chose poorly.

In the exit polls, among many fascinating data, I found it interesting that Obama is 43% to 31% against Clinton among people with postgraduate degrees. Also, the less you made and the worse you felt about the economy, the more likely you were to vote for Clinton – people hoping, inductively, for the days under Bill. I can hear David Hume and a black swan muttering, somewhere.

I’m offically in a bad mood now. Fortunately, I’m at my most productive while angry.

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