Good news

I think it’s time to break radio silence here. After a long search, I’ve accepted a tenure-track position as an assistant professor of English at the University of Houston-Downtown, starting this fall.

H and I will move to Houston in a few months, along with our menagerie, and we should be settled by early August. We’re excited, naturally.

That last sentence may be the understatement of the year.

So I’m debating whether or not to change the format of this site as a result of my new professional status. I’ll change the ‘About’ page in a moment, but that’s a minor detail.

So far, badrhetoric has been a forum for pretty much whatever I felt like writing about at a given moment, organized loosely by categories, and tempered by the awareness of a global audience. But that seems too random now, and I need to present at least the illusion of organization.

I have observed numerous young scholars who have one blog for talking about scholarly work, and another for more mundane comments; I may do that. Or I may simply redesign the site so the division between the professional and the personal is more obvious. I am getting a little tired of this black ‘n white layout, after all.

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