Florida and Michigan

The Clinton campaign continues to clamor illogically for Florida and Michigan’s delegates to be counted. This is desperation, and a dangerous kind of desperation at that.

Mark my words – if Florida and Michigan get their delegates counted at the Democratic convention, it will be the worst thing for the electoral process since the SCOTUS decision to elect Bush in 2000, permanently marring any “victory” Clinton might achieve and sinking any chance she would defeat McCain. The Democratic nominee has to win clean.

Voters that feel disenfranchised in Florida and Michigan should blame their state party representattives, who recklessly attempted to hijack the primacy process by moving their primaries forward, and were rightly punished for doing so. Dean has already suggested that they hold a new caucus, but the states are refusing this because they blew their funds for voting already. Tough luck! I suggest Florida and Michigan voters should elect new representatives.

The Republicans only stripped 50% of the delegates in those two states, but Democrats in FL and MI were told that their votes were not going to count, and thus many simply didn’t come in a primary season filled with record turnouts everywhere. Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in MI.

Save keeping the delegates stripped, a possible peace offering, which I’ve seen mentioned on Kos, is to seat all the delgates 50% Clinton, 50% Obama. But there’s no precedent for that.

There are also rumors of Al Gore stepping forward and making a proclamation on this, which would have great impact, as he is effectively the party’s Mondale at this point. But he has to be hestitant, given what happened to Howard Dean after Gore endorsed him four years ago – jack.

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