Dishonest and disgusting

Incredible statement by Clinton:

To KITV in Honolulu, asked about Obama’s speech flap: HRC: “There’s a big difference between a single word and along string of
words. Look, it’s not us making this charge. It’s the media. You know,
the media is finally examining my opponent which I think is important
because we’re trying to pick a president, someone for the toughest job
in the world. So, I think the media is going to be putting forth
whatever facts and information it has for voters to assess on their

There is really nothing to say to this tripe, other than I hope the vote in Wisconsin is not affected by it save by those who know better. I say this with full knowledge, given the name of this site, that bad rhetoric is very often effective rhetoric. But I would hope, at least, that no one actually changes their vote based on this, the cheapest of shots that I would have thought possible. By Ohio and Texas I expect Clinton to call him a pedophile.

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