Deep in the heart of Texas

CNN has called Texas for Clinton, about 51-48, but the separate caucus is not yet decided. Ohio (hers), Vermont (his), and RI (her) were predictable.

Whatever happens, count-wise, in the next few days, Obama is still comfortably ahead in pledged delegates, and rumors abound that he has 50 superdelegates declaring for him on Wednesday (it’s 12:45 am now) – if true, that should make a serious dent in the standard Clinton “comeback” spin.

It would be nice if he could edge her out with the Texas caucus to speed up her exit, but in the long run it doesn’t matter. Clinton can crow for a few days that she won Ohio and Texas, but the math is ruthless at this point. She can’t get ahead of Obama again, ever, in pledged delegates. She needed to blow him out in Texas, and didn’t; he kept it close.

The chances of Clinton seeing the light (that she should have seen a month ago) and dropping out are slim to nonexistent now. The chicken entrails point to a messy convention fight. The coming weeks would be an excellent time for Gore or Dean to step in and settle the Florida/Michigan issue.

Somewhere, Limbaugh and his ilk are laughing.

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