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I just got back home from H’s graduation – she has her MFA firmly in hand now. Hurrah! She earned it. I am extremely happy for her.

There was a package sitting outside my door – inside were copies of the May College English with my first academic article, “Whatever Happened to the Paragraph?” The issue is not online yet, but the print version appears to have been mailed out.

There’s something about the small, neat fonts in CE that suggests the authors are all reasonable, rational individuals – wholly unlike myself, of course. This illusion partially makes up for the nagging feeling that I could have done better with that piece. After the final edits were done months ago, I started seeing articles, books, and miscellanious ideas that I should have mentioned/addressed, everywhere. Albert Kitzhaber’s dissertation, for example – I hadn’t read it yet, and thirty seconds into browsing, I find an entire chapter on the paragraph in 19th century rhetorics in there. Ugh. How did I forget about it? It was mentioned in Meade and Ellis. And there was a nice observation on paragraphs in the book by Conley I just finished yesterday (and will summarize here tomorrow). And I found some leads on a few linguistics papers…

But. As I’ve been told over and over by numerous people, an article doesn’t have to be the last word I ever write about a topic. It just feels that way now.

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