Class prep

I’m teaching a summer version of the upper-division Technical and Professional Writing service course, starting in a week. I haven’t taught an online course before, and you’d think it would play to my strengths – I am a very different creature in email than in person – but I’m still getting used to the strange idea that I won’t need to go to class and may never meet any of my students.

I’ve taken several online courses, of course, so I know that end of things, but I’m adjusting more slowly than I’d expected to the online teacher role. And to add to the adjustment, I decided to switch to a different text, Johnson-Sheehan’s TCT, so almost all of my materials need to be rewritten from stratch. I do such a wonderful job of making work for myself. I had been using Mike Markel’s TC, and it’s a fine book – and I will probably use it again, too – but I needed a change of scenery.

Of course, the two texts are more or less interchangeable – this course has some options in terms of arrangement and speed, but the content is largely determined. I’d like to teach this class around the proposal, having them write one at the start of the semester and another at the end, but I’d like a full semester for that kind of manuever. 10 weeks is not that long, really.

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