Bad news

I almost never hear political news that I like. According to Fox, which has a certain interest in these things, Hillary is outpacing Obama:

The poll also dispels the theory that Clinton is considered too polarizing, even within her own party, to win in the general election. On every question concerning her standing among Democrats, she sails ahead of her opponents. Regarding Iraq, 52 percent of those surveyed trust her most — that’s compared to 22 percent who trust Obama on the war and 17 percent who trust Edwards. On health care, 66 percent are putting their trust in her leadership, compared to 15 percent for Obama and 14 percent for Edwards.

The Post-ABC poll is at least less suspect than Fox, but still – only 22 percent trust Obama on the war? Clinton’s spin machine is incredible. Apparently, having voted for the war and then recanting that vote years later is more trustworthy than having opposed the war from the beginning. I supposed I can understand that a little – I imagine quite a few American have felt tricked in the last few years, and thus there is more empathy for that situation than Obama’s professorial “I told you so.”

Then again, this is the presidency of the United States we’re talking about. We need someone who gets the decisions right the FIRST time. There really isn’t much margin for error or on-the-job training. And frankly, of all the major foriegn policy decisions made by presidents since perhaps FDR, not invading Iraq was the easiest call to make. At minimum, I think, presidental candidates should be able to hit the easy pitches, and while Hillary’s ability to schmooze in the Senate is unparalleled – she has allied with many senators who voted to impeach her husband – her desire to be moderate worked against her on that vote.

Either a President Obama or Clinton would be a huge bonus to our foreign relations, it’s true, but I have far more objections to Clinton. One is my desire to have a President that is not named Bush or Clinton, as we haven’t had one in 19 years. A second would be that vote on the war. The third is that I fear that she will be owned in the general election by Romney or Guiliani.

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