25th Amendment time

Whether or not Section 4 could be invoked has been a simmering back-burner topic since our Fearless Leader was elected. But only today did I start thinking it was an actual possibility.

My reasoning is the growing discomfort inside Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News, who are the three media pillars of his administration. The Senate is the firewall of his political power base, but that corporate triad represents his ability to whip up the public. If Fox-Face-Twit begin to fully resist his increasingly naked calls for violence, his only play going forward is to double down on it all: mail ballots, the media, protestors, anyone that disagrees with him, kitchen sinks, etc.

Military police in DC is not good. When will they leave, I wonder? Will they leave?

The bible photo op is an incredibly interesting piece of visual rhetoric. Every news source has a slightly different version. I just picked one:

Trump stops by St. John's church and takes photo with bible

This would be a bizarre shot even for an ordained priest. There is an attempt to communicate here, but what? Support for St. John’s? Church over state? We are a nation of God-fearers? Authority of Judeo-Christian beliefs? Shoring up the evangelical base? Showing off his new leather-bound KJV?

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