Obligatory pet posting

A new combination of pets now exists at the new place.

There is Kota, of course, the stray I picked up four years ago. Her name is a double pun of sorts – she sounds like a MinnKota trolling motor, and I found her at the end of a long day. Kota tolerated H fairly well in the past, but now seems to actively hate her with a jealousy only female cats can muster. Here, she is glaring suspeciously at me, as I have disturbed a nap.


There is also Bowie, H’s pionus. The maintenance guy who came by to check our heat today asked if Bowie could talk, which is an excellent question. Generally, no, but conversations can be had if you admit *squirk*, *squeegit*, *brak*, *en-n-n-n-n-n*, *swishit* or *ee-erk!* as meaningful phrases, which they are. As an escapee from a family of pets where the dogs can properly enunciate whether they want burritos or cookies, Bowie has picked up a few things. So far, I am still new, and regarded as an exotic toy/chaffueur that brings takeout. Why Bowie tends to look at us while upside down is not apparent, though perhaps we look more like parrots that way.


So far the pair are doing fine, due to Bowie’s inaccessible cages and Kota’s sheer lack of ambition. They gaze at each other often to no result, without much understanding of what they’re looking at, which is a state I would like to maintain.

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