…is the stupidest word that I have heard in the last ten years. It is only slightly above “synergy.” Ulmer’s atrocity seems to have infected a corner of composition that already is full up on stupid buzzwords like “new media.”

There is nothing wrong with the perfectly fine word “literacy.” Walter Ong used it to great effect. Look up the prefix, people. Fixed in amber, that’s your thought processes.

English does not need a new word when the category is already labeled. Use an adjective. Nouns have been known to tolerate their presence.

Using “electracy” to substitute for literacy is a great way to demonstrate your adherence to fashionable trends. Oh no! Things are going… CYBER! DIGITAL! Maybe even… TECHNOLOGICAL! Prefixes, folks. Follow the prefixes.

Sometimes, I feel like I should take my brain out and sit it on the floor. Why are skulls not water-cooled?