Vacation almost over

H and I have almost completed our May vacation. We go see Eddie Izzard Sunday and then we will return.

I have read five books while on vacation, all by Joe Abercrombie. He has six; I read the first one, The Blade Itself, before I left. The strongest one of the lot was probably Best Served Cold, the fourth one, and the least impressive was the last, Red Country. I didn’t like it as much as the others because it tried to be both a western and a fantasy novel and didn’t quite succeed at either; leaning on all of the tropes of the western was an odd thing to do for an author who had been – successfully in my mind – getting around most of the stuffy tropes of fantasy in his earlier works. But overall I have to highly recommend Abercrombie to the fantasy buff – he’s a strong writer and probably will continue to be a strong writer in the future.

Summer teaching starts on June 2. The schedule is early in the morning – not my favorite time of day – but the classes are back-to-back and should go quickly.