As the semester winds to an end, I find myself at a loss for unusual things to report or discuss. There’s no shortage of things to do when teaching four classes a semester at a university, but there hasn’t been much of note lately.

H cooked a 13-lb turkey that we are still finishing off by various methods. Last night she made a turkey pot pie that was especially delicious; I look forward to eating the rest of it.

I played a game of Twilight Struggle the other day; it’s a lot of Cold War fun, but like most of the board games that I like, it’s hard to pick up and requires a time investment; that particular game took three hours, exactly the amount of time I set aside.

The art of not saying it

I watched CNN with family last night until it was clear Obama had won. I found it particularly funny that the fellow walking through the counties on CNN, John King, well before the projected victory, managed to find so many different ways to communicate that Romney had lost – without saying it out loud. It’s very difficult for the governor to win, it’s hard to see a way forward, etc. It reminded me of Erasmus’s exercises on saying the same thing in dozens of different ways.