You don’t get my ninja skills

While eating in the UHD cafeteria today (see last post) I saw a student with a T-shirt that said, “You don’t get my ninja skills,” and I wondered about how the verb “get” should be parsed. There are five different possibilities that I came up with immediately:

1) I will not waste my ninja skills on you.
2) I will not impart knowledge of my ninja skills to you.
3) I have ninja skills, and you will not be acquiring similar skills anytime soon, from me or anyone else.
4) My ninja skills are intrinsic and you cannot take them from me.
5) My ninja skills are beyond your comprehension.

There are two questions that are central to understanding here. One is whether or not the verb is active or passive, and the second is the nature of the  ninja skills in terms of transferability. I’m fairly certain 5) is the intended meaning. I should have asked him.

One thought on “You don’t get my ninja skills

  1. 6) All of the above.

    You should plan on bringing Ollie with you if you decide to interview whippersnappers regarding their newfangled slang. Hoop and stick.

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