The recent editorial in the NYT about the war is bluntly realistic. I like the idea of using the Kurdish lands as a staging area, but I think the Army and the Marines are up to the task of securing the southern route – if that was all they had to do. Essentially the forces there will have to transform themselves back into an army, instead of an entrenched peacekeeping force, and then reverse the invasion. By either route, it’s a logistical nightmare.

The GOP is still dragging its feet about withdrawal because they would really, really like to hand any retreating, defeated imagery ala Saigon to the incoming Democratic president, instead of having Obama, Clinton, and Edwards presiding over the withdrawal during the primaries.

As the article says, many Americans gave up on Bush – maybe half his base – earlier this year. I continue to wish they’d come to that conclusion in 2002, but we must deal with what we have. There is still no real movement toward partition; failing that, I’ll take withdrawal.

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