H and I purchased a Wii recently. They’re very scarce at the moment. I went to Wolfchase last Sunday morning, and spotted a young couple coming out of Toys R Us with a suspecious-looking shopping bag – something white inside, boxy, approximately the right size… and they had a shipment of 50 or so inside.

Those less fortunate may have to go to Ebay, where they run about $400 a pop, not including games, a second controller, etc, etc.

H’s parents have one, so I knew it wasn’t a dud. I haven’t bought a console since the first Playstation – and I was very slow about it then – but I think this one is a good buy for the social value alone. Only the hardcore gamers play the PC games that I do, but the Wii is very friendly and accessible to non-gamers, as well as both children and adults. It’s also cheaper.

I particularly enjoy the bowling and golf games on the Sports disk that comes with the console. They may be simple, but they are FUN, which is the crowning achievement for any game. The controller is extremely interesting – revolutionary, perhaps – and I eagerly await the inevitable lightsaber game. They may have to upgrade the controller for it, though, somehow – I’m not sure vibration would be enough to simulate the resistance of another blade, which I think would be the major stumbling block for minimum realism.

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