upcoming workload

I have quite a bit on my plate over the next few weeks.

The draft for Chapter 5 is due on May 31st, 16 days from now. That’s going well enough so far. I have shifted gears in June, though, setting that month aside to edit chapters 1-5 instead of drafting chapter 6, which is now pushed back to July.
RSA (Rhetoric Society of America) holds their conference a week from now in Seattle, May 23-26, and I’ll be there, presenting on the 25th a more history-oriented and updated version of the prose rhythm paper that I gave at CCCC.

The kicker is that paper needs to be sent out (again) right after the conference, and that threatens the deadline for Chapter 5. So I think I’m going to have to stop working on Chap. 5 around Sunday to prep that paper for submission, and spend Mon-Wed revising, so I can go to Seattle with a polished version in hand instead of just presentation notes. Then all I’ll need to do is incorporate any comments and sent it out when I get back, leaving the last few days of May to finish Chapter 5, and June free to concentrate on revising the 240 pages of sheer nonsense that I have currently.

At least that is the plan.

H and I have tickets for Indy 4, next Wednesday at midnight, so I should be in a good, if tired, mood going to Seattle that morning.

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