At 4Cs. The style workshop yesterday (Wednesday) was pretty good, and I think some sort of joint publication will come out of it.

That aside, the rest of the conference is leaving me feeling rather distant. It may simply be that I am homesick, and I would be rather be hanging with H and the zoo, but I only found a panel or two that I sort of kind of wanted to attend today. I’ve been drifting away from mainstream rhetcomp for awhile – toward straight rhetoric, toward argumentation, toward style, toward tech comm – I might have never been there in the first place – and while I’ve felt a bit removed from 4C’s before, this time, my fourth, it seems more pronounced of a sensation.

So I’m declaring the rest of the day free time, and wandering back to the hotel room to polish up my Friday presentation and work on an article. I’ll give the conference another chance tomorrow.

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