Travel & Conferences

I have two upcoming conference presentations to make next spring. One is the CCCC (College Composition & Communication Conference) in New Orleans in March, and another at RSA (Rhetoric Society of America) in Seattle in May. Both will be on prose rhythm. At CCCC, I’ll focus on teaching, and at RSA, I’ll focus on history.

The travel budget got slashed more this year, so the department is offering only $250 to grad students for the entire ’07-’08 year. The college of A&S makes a show of offering additional funds, but I’ve been turned down for two years straight now. It’s encouraging that I’m getting on the program at two top conferences, given my entry to the job market will be next fall, but it’s also discouraging that I have to go into debt to attend them. Seattle ain’t gonna be cheap. H and I will certainly both go to New Orleans – it’s not that far away by car or train – but I might have to make the second trip alone. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

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