Thoughts on the Finale of Game of Thrones

I thought it was good. The Stark arc is complete, and Dany’s fate, telegraphed for forever, is done and done. Two things, though, about the ‘choosing of the king’ scene, could have been handled better.

First, the lords never discuss choosing Jon as king, despite having had seemingly weeks to do so by the length of Tyrion’s beard. Sure, Grey Worm wouldn’t have allowed it, probably Yara either, and I suspect once you’ve seen one seemingly “good” person go full Targaryen, you’re not anxious to try another… but since Grey Worm and the Unsullied leave Westeros right after Jon takes the black again, what’s to stop the lords (particularly Sansa) from installing Jon as king anyway? Their word?

Sansa isn’t much for keeping her word in this season alone. This makes her declaration of the independence of the North a bit hollow. Also, Bran could have also pardoned Jon in the same fashion. Now, neither of these scenarios changes Jon’s path much; he would never take the job. All roads for him point north. But it is a strange oversight.

Second, on a related note, while I think the clear implication from the initial dialogue is that of the assembled leaders only Grey Worm and Sansa have an army worth talking about, it’s curious to see Dorne and the Iron Islands not declare independence before Sansa does. In particular, readers of the books are more aware that Dorne was the last of the seven kingdoms to be conquered by Aegon, and at great cost for little gain.

Sansa is in no position to force Dorne to do anything. Why does the new prince, whoever he is, sit passively? Does he not know his legacy? Yara doesn’t declare independence either, when there is no fleet to oppose hers. Sansa does ‘vote’ last, cleverly, after the others have acceded, but they weren’t exactly following Robert’s Rules (again, back to my first objection – the lords can do whatever they want at any time).

These are artifacts, of course, of the accelerated post-Martin pace – oversights that wouldn’t have happened even as late as season 6. Still, I liked the full circle aspect of the finale. It’s not as bloody or sad as my initial predictions, but I’ll take it.

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