the pundits see the light

After North Carolina and Indiana, it seems the punditry have grown tired of the horserace narrative at last. As the media was the only force keeping her in the race, Clinton is done for. It’s time to move to more interesting questions, such as Obama’s crucial VP pick.

As I think the feud between Obama and Clinton will prevent her from being the VP, he must look somewhere else. It needs to be someone slightly older, with foriegn policy experience, that tempers the “Can we trust him?” question that hangs around Obama.

Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, is the obvious choice, giving Obama a key swing state in the bargain. But he is a diplomat, not a President; he would make a great Secretary of State.

Gov. Sibelius of Kansas is tempting, but she has less foriegn policy cred than Obama, and she can’t guarantee Kansas.

The left-field choice would be Howard Dean, and as much as I like the guy, Obama should steer well away from anyone who looks excessively liberal.

That mostly leaves John Edwards, who I believe would have won the nomination in a Clinton-free election cycle. He would seem to be the best bet for reuniting the party and attracting back any bitter Clinton supporters.

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