the paper is away

There’s a scene from The Empire Strikes Back, during the attack on Hoth, when the ion cannon fires and the first ungainly Rebel transport, accompanied by fighters, scoots past the helpless Star Destroyers. Immediately, the rebels in the base hear over the intercom, “THE FIRST TRANSPORT IS AWAY. THE FIRST TRANSPORT IS AWAY,” and they start cheering. They’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s a welcome bit of good news.

The gospel metaphor paper is finally away and submitted. I don’t really feel like cheering, though – actually, I’m a little numb. I don’t remember this particular sensation when I submitted the CE one a little over a year ago; maybe it’s the lack of sleep. In an intellectual sense, I know I just finished a lot of work, but my body is unimpressed.

I’ve read another half-ton in the last week, but I’ve been too busy finishing the paper and doing some web work to write my usual summaries. Those will return soon.

One thought on “the paper is away

  1. You were more nauseous than numb then. Numb is an improvement! I know just what you need… a GoBot movie! GoBot, go!

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