John Paul Stevens, our best SC justice,  is on the verge of retiring. He’s actually been on the verge for awhile, but being long-lived will do that. So the question becomes not whether Obama will replace him with a left-leaning judge, but how left that judge will be. Given the sterling behavior of the GOP lately, the Senate will likely complain about any candidate short of Nancy Reagan, so I don’t see why he shouldn’t roll the dice on a real firebrand. I don’t know how many Marxist, environmentalist, anti-death penalty, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage judges are out there, but I highly encourage them to apply. We’ve got to keep cracking down on family values!

Sarcasm aside, it will be interesting, in this post-healthcare-fight political atmosphere, to see how the Senate rhetoric shapes up once Stevens decides to leave. The GOP can’t point to Obama as a do-nothing President anymore; he has accomplished more in two years than what Clinton, their arch-foe, failed to do in eight.

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