Slightly grumpy

I had a reasonably productive day (it’s not over) with a few minor setbacks – a panel I’ve been trying to put together has lost its third member, and my metaphor paper was rejected. However, these are fixable problems; we should be able to find another warm body (an intellectual warm body, of course) for a third, and as for the paper, I was invited to resubmit, so what I wrote was not entirely dim, just in need of reframing and refocusing. Such a task will have to wait until after the exam, though.

I read the last Potter book and discussed it with H. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t read it yet and all that nonsense.

When I have a moment, I will update the Potter-Taran treatise to reflect the end of the series. I think some of Harry’s actions in the end mollify some of my earlier arguments in part, but on the whole – especially the class issue and the nature of magic – it still stands. I’m of a mind, though, to rewrite it as significantly less agonistic.

I called Snape and Lily over two years ago, but it was still interesting to see the backstory finally emerge. I would have prefered Snape to have lived and explained things to Harry himself, thus serving as a replacement for Dumbledore’s usual coda and completing a rather long redemptive journey, but Rowling had other ideas. Frankly, killing off him, Lupin, Tonks, and Fred was, well, overkill, as if she was behind on her bloodshed quota.

An easy way to preserve Snape is to allow him knowledge that Voldemort will need to kill him to acquire ownership of Dumbledore’s wand; resigned to his fate, he can leave his memories in Dumbledore’s office for the Horacrux-searching Harry to find (assuming that Snape would shy from admitting his past to Harry face-to-face). When Harry views them, he would then be extra motivated to offer himself to Voldemort, in order to save Snape. Then, with Harry ‘dead’, Voldemort will be in no special hurry to sacrifice Snape, everyone’s favorite sourpuss could play a role in the final operatic dustup, and Alan Rickman wouldn’t have to struggle through a really silly death scene in Movie #7.

One thought on “Slightly grumpy

  1. I am looking forward to Rickman’s death scene in film seven (you know he’ll have fun with it). I’m thinking it will be done operatically. Perhaps Williams will let someone with less treacle manage that section of the film score. Otherwise we can count on Snape dying with vaseline on the lens and Celine Dion blaring through the surround sound as the camera pans up to fully capture the anguish in Harry’s face as he shakes his fist at the sky.
    I agree that Snape could’ve lived, but it seems like Rowling was taking the classic “student must surpass his master” theme a more lethal route. I guess we’re lucky Mr. Weasely survived to be the lone father figure. But Fred. Dangitall.

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