slightly discouraging

The article I submitted on prose rhythm was rejected. Discouraging, but there is still a month or two to revise it some and send it somewhere else. Plus, either one of the chapters that I wrote in Jan or Feb are article-worthy with light revision, so I still have a good shot at a single-author Pub #2 (well, really pub #3, I’m third author on a forthcoming study) before I go on the market in the fall.

But it is disappointing news. I’d hoped for smoother sailing. And the news comes while I’m in the middle of a frustratingly difficult chapter that must be drafted before CCCC, and I haven’t fully sketched out the presentation for the conference yet (and, of course, it’s on prose rhythm). Right now, the schedule looks like I’ll have to write it on the train and in the hotel. Shouldn’t be difficult, just time-consuming when time is increasingly short.

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