Sick, CK2

I have hay fever. I’ve had it off and on for several weeks but yesterday was horrible. I didn’t even go outside, so I’m not sure what brought it on. I spent most of the day reading, but at half speed because I had to pause to cough and sneeze and try to avoid rubbing my eyes out after every half-page. It’s not the worst allergic reaction I’ve ever had, but it’s up there. I’m going to try to teach tomorrow, but I’ll probably look like hell.

Later in the evening when my symptoms calmed down, I tried my hand at Crusader Kings 2. So far, after a half- day’s examination, it’s the best game Paradox has made, even better than EU3. The complex succession laws, management of levies, and handling of vassals are all spot on. It has a learning curve, but not so much I wasn’t able to take a duchy in Munster in 1066 and have a son become King of Ireland by 1100. The goals are smaller – world conquest is pretty much out of the picture, but keeping a dynasty going is – but those goals are more meaningful.

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