Shadowrun Returns

I played the SNES Shadowrun a long time ago. Since then there have been various attempts to reboot the franchise, which was tabletop to begin with, into another successful game. Shadowrun Returns, released late last month, is that game, born of Kickstarter.

If it was any other franchise, I would deem it a small failure. The engine’s world is not particularly populated with things to interact with, other than talk and shoot. The pace is perfectly linear where there could have been a more open world. The branched conversations all lead to essentially the same places, no matter how clever you are.

But it has a major saving grace in that the story is written pretty well and keeps the pace up. It’s a noir murder mystery, much like the amnesiac mystery of the original, and both genres tend to maintain attention. We can apparently expect more content, also, given that the game is as much a story as it is a development package being released to the wild, where more labors of love await.

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