Scandal increases by 1!

Well, if anything, we’ve discovered what scares otherwise unaccountable corporations – any hint that they might not be blindly patriotic sends them scurrying under legal cover. “U.S. officials welcomed the move,” indeed. Such cover is on paper completely unnecessary, of course, as the NYT and other press outlets  have been publishing the cables – the genie is out of the bottle – and no threat from the executive branch will shut them down short of a platoon of tanks; these withdrawals of service are gestures of scraping goodwill. There is the issue of redacting sensitive information, but as the Times has noted, they control that decision, not the White House. Watergate wasn’t that long ago.

This incident continues to reveal that the U.S. has never really resolved the issue of freedom of speech and the press vs. national security concerns. Part of this is how international diplomacy continues to be a shell game; the other part is the fear still resonating from 9/11.

4 thoughts on “Scandal increases by 1!

  1. Most remarkable about wikileaks is something an old professor of mine pointed out to me. The organization (and Assange) utilizes the same modus operandi as the government that Assange claims he wants to destroy. Wikileaks takes pains to hide its funding, hide its servers, encrypt its stolen documents, hide Assange, hide everything under a shroud of secrecy. Given that truth, their implicit claims of ethical righteousness start to fall apart and we’re left with a mini-simulcrum — a rogue power that congratulates itself for being no better than the target of its attack.

    1. Oh, come on. Was the French resistance ethically suspect because it operated secretly against Nazi occupation? Was the SCLC ethically suspect because it didn’t immediately mail transcripts of its protest plans to the U.S. government? Hey, let’s even turn it around. Is the Washington Times a more ethically responsible news source than Wikileaks because it is openly owned and controlled by Sun Myung Moon? What about Fox News?

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