Rejection, holidays

I got a split decision on a manuscript just before the holidays that has gotten me thinking about the nature of academic rejection. My hit rate is pretty high, so any individual setback is not serious, but I am reminded yet again of Mike’s Rule of Manuscript Submission: for anything you write, someone somewhere will love it, and someone somewhere will hate it. In that sense the publishing process can seem unbelievably random at times, but I can’t think of an improvement to the process at the moment.

The holidays have kept my spirits up for the most part, though I’ll admit to being moody and pensive at times. We’ve been playing a lot of board games here in addition to the usual Shanghai rummy – I brought Power Grid and Elder Sign with me, and there is always Ticket to Ride which has been the subject of dueling iPhones. We even played Monopoly the other night, and I lost horribly.

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