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Got the article out the door finally! Work on the English website can now commence in earnest, as well as pre-commitee edits to the dissertation.

Longtime readers, of which there may be two or three, know I am a fervent fan of the 1998 PC game Thief and its 2000 sequel Thief II. Occasionally, clever people design additional levels for these games, usually using the Thief II engine, as Thief III was a console-driven mess. These fanmade levels can be on par or better than the canonical levels. I played three recently released levels in the last week or so, Ominious Bequest Gold and the two missions of Broken Triad, all by the same author, and I was mightily pleased. They should be played in order. The plot is remensicent of the Trilby cycle (is there a better name for it?) by Yahztee, save Garrett’s dry and relatively unflappable wit makes him a far better protagonist.

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