Power supply

The 450w power supply of my No. 1 computer, Diogenes, gave out a few hours ago. I took the 500w one out of Gorgias (No. 2) and tried it out just to make sure it wasn’t a short on the board. Alas, it powered right up. I suppose I should consider myself lucky. It lasted three and a half years and three rebuilds.

Normally, I like fiddling around and tweaking Diogenes on weekends, ordering carefully selected parts from Newegg, etc, but I’m under the gun on papers and I needed it running NOW. I decided that I might as well take this chance to upgrade, ran out into the night and picked up a 650w with two PCI-e connectors, for the far-future day when I upgrade to a dual graphics card setup.

What else is in Diogenes? 3.2 ghz P4; 1 gig of 533 DDR2; three HDs – two 250s and a 120; a Geforce 7800 GT card, a major investment of a year ago; a SB Audigy 2 ZS; a huge Zalman cooler; a DVD-RW, card reader, and 3-1/2 drive; and now an very overpowered PSU.

More memory is on the immediate list, perhaps a new processor, but I’m waiting on those, perhaps what I’m reading about DirectX 10. Looks like the next generation of games will require a serious board/processor/graphics card upgrade. It was annoying enough to do all that last December just to be able to run a PCI-e card; a year from now I’ll have to do another serious upgrade.

Gorgias is where the spare parts go. 3.0 P4; 1 gig of 400 DDR; a 120 gig HD; my previous graphics card, a Geforce FX 5500 (I think) and a 52x CD drive. The case that it’s in is the nicest thing about it, and it might make a nice office computer in a few years, a job currently held by an old 800 mhz laptop, Socrates, that is still speedier than the more ancient P3’s that haunt Patterson.

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