photographers, bakers, florists

From the Family Research Council, reacting to the SCOTUS decisions today:

He foresees that Americans will be outraged when the fallout from the DOMA decision trickles down to the grass roots, when “children are taught morals in school that are in contradiction to their parents,” and “photographers, bakers, florists and others are forced to participate in same-sex marriages.”

I can see it now. Photographers, bakers, florists forced at gunpoint to accept payment for their services! News at eleven. No one’s being forced to do anything, unless you think being asked to mind your own business is a sign of fascism. In fact, photographers, bakers, and florists should appreciate a predictable increase in that very business. That is, if they like having more money rather than less money, which the vast majority of people do, even those against gay marriage.

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