…is a clever duck indeed. Announcing in Lincoln’s town, calling for a date to pull out of Iraq before Hillary does, with the press won over already – I wonder if he can survive, literally and politically, at this rate. The expectations are so high. All the grumbling I read about among black Democrats, that he’s not one of them, will go away, I think, after time – and a perception that he is not owned by anybody can’t hurt overall – but I’m sure there will always be plenty of people willing to shoot him, especially as the primaries heat up and if he gets into a RFK-like position where the nomination is his for the asking. Any Republican candidate is going to be severely handicapped – Mitt Romney keeps cropping up, but as a Mormon he has nearly as high a wall to climb as Obama does.

One of these days, though, I would like to see a strong Democratic candidate that is not a lawyer-senator. I’ve always thought the Presidency needs a little more than that. The position often just gets someone who would make an ok representative or senator, where they couldn’t do much more damage than state-wide; the President needs intangibles that Presidents generally never have.

None of the Presidents in my lifetime, for example, have seemed wise. They don’t look or act like people that possess wisdom. Impressive know-how, perhaps, but not wisdom. Clinton had the gift of charisma but I wouldn’t ask him what the meaning of life was with any great expectations. Lincoln is the only President post-founding that comes off to me as wise, as if he were an timeless alien dropped in to fix the problems of squabbling apes that had stumbled on gunpowder. Hillary has her husband’s charisma – or is it the other way around? – but I don’t get wisdom from her. Perhaps Obama will develop some, or at least he will figure out if it was wise to run for President this early in his career, even in these ideal conditions of a disgraced second term Republican.

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