More of this, less of that

In some places, the police are marching with the protesters. Note that one of them is Houston’s police chief.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if this was the default response to protests against police brutality?

It would be even more interesting if the funding of police departments was inversely linked to how violent their methods were.

Still more interesting would be a multi-year national freeze on hiring males as police officers. Maybe I’m missing one or two notable ones, but I can’t recall any nationwide-famous incidents with female cops. Only about 12% of American police are female.

Meanwhile, instead of attempting anything resembling leadership, our Fearless Leader cowered in his bunker Friday night with his “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons.”

Note the SS protects the President, but he can overrule them. A famous example is when Nixon visited protestors at the Lincoln Memorial in 1970.

Can you imagine our Fearless Leader interacting with protestors? Walking with them, sharing their concerns? Emphasizing with their pain? Taking on the mantle of his office for the first time?


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