math is obviously not a focus in the Clinton educational plan

Clinton’s campaign, desperate at the knowledge that Obama will get enough delegates to declare victory tomorrow, has decided to claim that they have a lead in the popular vote. Well, they don’t. They’re taking advantage of the fact that four states have not yet reported their popular vote totals, and assuming FL and MI will count as is, a reality that only exists in the heads of the converted. As the site I’ve linked to shows, when those four states report, even with FL and MI counted as is, Obama is still ahead.

And, of course, the FL and MI results will not be admitted – at best, there will be a compromise that saves face for the party and the two states, but doesn’t threaten Obama’s nomination.

I really hope Clinton does not try to force herself as VP on the convention floor by bullying the Obama superdelegates for their VP vote. I wish someone would talk her down, now. At this point everything she does besides stand down works for McCain.

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