Mass Effect 3, and 2 redux

As Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6, I went looking for my Mass Effect 2 saved games last week – and I couldn’t find them. Possibly they were a casualty to a hard drive transfer. So I decided to replay ME2. My old review still stands, but I should add a few things, having my endgame saved files safely in hand again.

The first time, I was impressed by how events in ME1 were constantly referenced. On the second go-through two years later, I noticed in how many places the design of the next game is suggested or hinted.

Most notable is the epic buildup of a rift between Shepard and Cerebrus, and the temporary nature of the victories in ME1 and ME2. So I would assume in ME3 I will have to not only beat untold numbers of Reapers, but also fight xenophobic humans.

Less epically, for the soap opera fans, the inability to maintain the same love interest from the first game hints to a built-in triangle for ME3.

Encouragingly, the return of a vehicle in the DLC suggests I will never have to probe a bloody planet for minerals again (it was fun the first time, but not the other 16, 345 times), unless it is, of course, Uranus.

Speaking of DLC – a model for making money that I do not endorse or approve of – sampling what’s available for ME2 also gives various hints.

I had thought that Baldur’s Gate was the most epic ensemble  story told in PC gaming, but I sense that ME will beat it out by a good margin.

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