I am becoming increasingly convinced that the author of the gospel of Luke and the author of Acts are not the same person. Patrica Walters’s The Assumed Authorial Unity of Luke and Acts: A Reassessment of the Evidence has figured heavily in this mental movement of mine, but I’ve been wanting to write about the problems between the two texts, namely in regard to the ascension, for some time, at least since 2007 when I noticed some odd discrepancies. In short, the stylistic studies that “proved” common authorship a century ago seem flawed now, and I cannot accommodate the person who wrote Lk 1:1-4 with the one who supposedly wrote two versions of the ascension. I’m not prepared to give a full accounting of my thoughts here yet – still on vacation – but as I have a presentation on this to give in September, I will post what I have then here.

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