Journal of the Virus Year Entry 6

I went to Home Depot a few days ago, tentatively, hoping it would be deserted. It was not. They were limiting the amount of people inside, but not the amount of idiots. Half weren’t wearing masks, and three-fourths thought six feet was two feet. I did not stay long as HD’s usual problem of keeping enough heavy carts inside the store to actually get anything to the registers was multiplied x10.

When the two-week-out effects of this partial Texas reopening manifest in the numbers, I wonder who will get the blame.

This is a good summary of how infections happen even to people that are seemingly being careful: Needless to say, a secured mask is necessary equipment outside our yard or the car.

H and I need to run back to UHD in the next few days to get books. I am not looking forward to it. But after June 1 it will be an even worse idea than it is now.

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