John Carter, Ender

Watched John Carter the other day. Apparently it was a box office bomb, but I thought it was a pretty good movie, and respectful enough, based on what I know of Burroughs and the stories.

I suppose I can understand why it wouldn’t be a hit now, because people are so de-sensitized and de-mythologized by Star Wars and its ilk, which are in turn dependent on Burroughs and his ilk. What was fantastical in 1917 is old hat now. We’re too fussy about a scientific view of the solar system instead of a relatively idyllic view, for one, but I hadn’t thought we were over romances, even planetary ones such as JC. Swashbucklers do have a tough time these days, unless they have Johnny Depp in them.

On a slightly unrelated note, I think the upcoming Ender’s Game film will be a disaster if the big change discussed by Card here in 1998 is made. Don’t click on that if you haven’t read it. Talk about a quick way to completely kill a story dead.

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