Iron Man

Saw Iron Man last Friday night. I’d say that was the best comic-book adaptation that I’ve seen yet, very faithful to the source material. Robert Downey Jr. makes for a pitch-perfect Tony Stark, Marvel’s character-metaphor for the moral quandaries of the military-industrial complex. There was no alcoholism – I suppose that and War Machine will be the bulk of the sequel – but c’mon. The first shot of Stark in the movie is his hand, holding a drink, and about 15 seconds after that, I forgot there was an actor.

One thought on “Iron Man

  1. From what I know of Ironman, Tony becomes an alcoholic after Stane buys his company out with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, since Stane clearly dies in the movie, he wouldn’t be around to bankrupt Stark in the sequel right?

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