I finished my first playthrough of Crusader Kings II last night. 1066 to 1453, starting as the Duke of Munster with two counties. I ended up as the King of Ireland, Scotland, Brythain (Wales and Brittany), and England, plus most of western France and a chunk of Iberia. My self-imposed goal was to control all the of the British Isles – the last county came over in 1440. Whew!

The Paradox AI made a total, glorious mess of history. The Franks let the Moors up, as far as Dijou, save for my Irish, who nicely held half of France for them. The empire in Constantinople took over the Golden Horde by marriage and picked up half the map. Every crusade was shattered on the shores of Egypt. The Mongols got to Asia Minor twice, only to be pushed back.

I’m undecided about what to try next – either somewhere in Spain, or somewhere in Italy. In any case, the game is a timesink, but who cares. Games are never a waste of time for me. They’re the point.

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