Eve of the election

I don’t think there is any doubt the Democrats will take the House tomorrow. The only question is by how much. Wild guess – they’ll end up 20 seats ahead with Pelosi as speaker. The Senate is more iffy, though. Anything could happen there, including a 50-50 split with Cheney as tiebreaker.

I will vote Democratic across the board, which I’ve never done before – I usually find some way to be independent. The Corker ads in particular have annoyed me enough to vote for Ford for Senate.

There is still no full transcript of John Kerry’s hugely gaffed speech available online. One exists, certainly, as I have noted several reporters referencing one (Matthews, of course, and a reporter questioning Tony Snow); but I’d hoped to have one tonight for class. I’ll have to make do. If you, the denizens of the Internet, know of one, send it my way.

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